Oklahoma city street racing

oklahoma city street racing

UNION CITY, Oklahoma -. A show about illegal street racing in Oklahoma is raising some serious red flags, this after the show's producers. Street Outlaws. A summary of “Street Outlaws,” provided by Discovery Channel, is as follows: In the world of Oklahoma City street racing, you're nothing if you're. OKC Street Racing, Oklahoma City. Gefällt Mal. Street Racing at its finest, Find someone you want to race on the street and ill set it up in a. See additional clarifying information from the NHRA. Follow Street Outlaws My Tweets. Tipp24 com, AZN took on a powerful McLaren. Create Account Log In Manage Account Log Out. Here's what needs to happen with the show: Dude's a Porsche guy, but I digress. oklahoma city street racing

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A crackdown needs to happen, sure, but now is clearly not a fair time to do it. Du kannst den Text oben nicht lesen? Oklahoma City, OK It's not real street racing, either: It sounds like they are, in fact, doing everything they can on their end to keep themselves off a show that promotes dangerous activities on the street, and being as fair as they can be to the racers involved after all. Dude's a Porsche guy, but I digress. Here's what needs to happen with the show:


OKC $20,000 Invitational No Prep FULL Coverage - Big Chief & Street Outlaws

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Joey Senat says, in either case, we were well within our rights as a news organization to be there. Put Street Outlaws on legal venues where their talent can shine in a safer environment, and the problem goes away. Hello fellow Street Outlaws fans! They also argue that participation in the show glorifies street racing, which is an activity the NHRA directly opposes for obvious reasons. These guys don't run over someone's grandma on the show.

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